The significance of trust in a loving relationship.

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We begin all relationships with trust. From the moment you enter the world, you are reliant on others to care for you to ensure your survival. Your life is in their hands. Hopefully, they are trustworthy. No matter how safe you may have been kept, throughout life’s journey, trust is sometimes tested. It can alter your perspective of a love interest and hinder your chance at a healthy relationship.

Even those who appear to have “trust issues” often give new beaus the benefit of the doubt until they are either proven right or wrong about his or her love…

Witnessing parental drama is unfair to your child

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Breaking up with someone and staying civil is hard enough when it’s just between the two of you, but when a child is involved, it can be a bit dicey. Having spent the past decade as a parent working with an ex to raise a child, these steps have made it easier to focus on what matters most — our child.

Step 1

Get rid of that label.

Stop referring to your child’s parent as your “baby mama” or “baby daddy”. View them as the other party involved in the creation of your little one. If the child is over…

Nonfiction Series Part One: Joanie

Mental illness can be a real mother…

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It was Friday. I had overslept after staying up late to cram for an exam. Latecomers were held in the lunchroom during the first period so rather than missing my English test, I decided to cut school. This way I could forge a note and take the make-up later. Normally, Joanie would have jumped on my case, but today she was preoccupied. Now I know why. She knew today was eviction day; that makes one of us.

Collecting my belongings, I ran around my room trying to find my other sneaker and hadn’t even realized she was outside until I…

Nonfiction Series

Part Eleven: How Old Am I, Really?

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Taking the stairs like a toddler limited my ability to hold my pee for more than a minute or two. Hand on the railing, lead with the left foot, bring up the right foot. Left foot, right foot. Pause and breathe. Begin again. An accident would send me back to being childlike again. So, no tripping. And no wet underwear either, not on my watch! You just don’t imagine this being your reality when you’re barely forty years old.

Because of my limitations, I avoided stairs. When I first arrived home, I didn’t dare take the stairs to the main…

Juneteenth should be accepted and celebrated by all Americans because it’s an American Holiday.

1835 American Slave Advertisement in Historical and Cultural Atlas of African Americans

“They seem to satisfy their consciences with the doctrine that…the Africans [were created] to be slaves. What a libel upon… who ‘made of one blood all nations of men!’” (Jacobs, 1861)

As a child, my family attended at least one Juneteenth event. However, I have no recollection of the occurrence. My sister still remembers that’s how I know it ever happened. Since it wasn’t consistently acknowledged every year, the importance of the day was never instilled within me. I forgot that day and didn’t learn the significance until my adult years.

We’ve acknowledged Juneteenth as a holiday in my household…

Government EBB program takes $50 off your internet bill.

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If you’ve read Marriage or Medicaid: Did You Know There is a Medicaid Marriage Penalty?, you know I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye with the governmental powers that be. However, there are some times when the government gets it right when it comes to helpful programs for the people. Due to so many experiencing hardships from COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Emergency Broadband Benefit was implemented to save you money.

If you’ve experienced a drop in income in 2020 due to work furlough or unemployment, if you’re considered a low-income household, or if you’re already enrolled in certain government programs, you may be…

Nonfiction Series

Part Ten: Heading home after 10 months in the hospital.

Home after 10 months in the hospital. Robin L. Jessie-Green

Hoisted up and turned face down, I resembled a bloated rotisserie chicken. It’s called prone positioning when a patient is placed on his or her abdomen to breathe easier. When you’re on your back, other organs compress your lungs. So, with the change in positioning and the help of a ventilator, you’re given a fighting chance — temporarily.

One glaring indication that time had lapsed was the talons at my fingertips. My nails had never been so long. My hair had fallen out, my skin was dry and flakey with layers of dead skin, my hands housed claws — I…

Do I choose between my health or my happiness?

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Surviving a double lung transplant after being diagnosed with a rare lung-attacking autoimmune disease, I couldn’t see beyond the moment.

I was grateful to be alive thanks to the advancements in medical technology and the superior health care I received.

I wouldn’t have been able to receive that care if it weren’t for my medical insurance.

Fast forward 18 months later and I am making plans for my future. Or am I?

It never dawned on me that accepting my fiance’s marriage proposal would mean I could lose my medical coverage.

Becoming disabled at 40 years old and no longer…


Part Eight: The Men By My Bedside

Two different flower bouquets. Robin L. Jessie-Green

Joe knew how the old me liked to “get it in”. This changed version of me was a fragile and sensitive remnant of who I once was. After all my medical issues, I simply could not take his stroke and immediately thought abstinence was the right choice for me. Pain caused everything to shut down. My first sexual encounter post-op closely matched the story Fred told me about our lack of activity spanning nearly two years. I was a born-again virgin, and Joe’s enthusiasm was more than I could bear.

For nearly a decade, I teetered back and forth between…

Nonfiction Series

Part Nine: It Wasn’t the End.

Post Double Lung Transplant. Robin L. Jessie-Green

Addiction? Addiction was something my donor and I had in common. I guess the main difference was the source. Addiction is acceptable when you’re hospitalized and monitored.

Even then, things can get out of hand as your body builds up a tolerance to pain meds. I was counseled on my drug habit, despite the fact it developed under the care of multiple medical professionals during my hospitalization. It felt like the corner boy pulling me to the side to discuss my drug problem.

But I needed something for anxiety and I definitely needed pain meds. I was tethered to machines…

Robin Jessie-Green

Blogger, Content Contributor on Vocal, Experts123 and various other sites spanning a decade. Survivor with stories to tell. Temple U BA, AIU Online MBA Alumna.

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