The significance of trust in a loving relationship.

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We begin all relationships with trust. From the moment you enter the world, you are reliant on others to care for you to ensure your survival. Your life is in their hands. Hopefully, they are trustworthy. No matter how safe you may have been kept, throughout life’s journey, trust is sometimes tested. It can alter your perspective of a love interest and hinder your chance at a healthy relationship.

Even those who appear to have “trust issues” often give new beaus the benefit of the doubt until they are either proven right or wrong about his or her love…

Witnessing parental drama is unfair to your child

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Breaking up with someone and staying civil is hard enough when it’s just between the two of you, but when a child is involved, it can be a bit dicey. Having spent the past decade as a parent working with an ex to raise a child, these steps have made it easier to focus on what matters most — our child.

Step 1

Get rid of that label.

Stop referring to your child’s parent as your “baby mama” or “baby daddy”. View them as the other party involved in the creation of your little one. If the child is over…

Nonfiction Series Part One: Joanie

Mental illness can be a real mother…

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It was Friday. I had overslept after staying up late to cram for an exam. Latecomers were held in the lunchroom during the first period so rather than missing my English test, I decided to cut school. This way I could forge a note and take the make-up later. Normally, Joanie would have jumped on my case, but today she was preoccupied. Now I know why. She knew today was eviction day; that makes one of us.

Collecting my belongings, I ran around my room trying to find my other sneaker and hadn’t even realized she was outside until I…

Nonfiction Series

Part Seven: Making a Comeback?

Learning to walk again. Robin L. Jessie-Green

He was a fine-looking Indian man. Sexy as you like. Let’s just say, under different circumstances, he could get it. But I could not stand his tail because he pushed me to breathe without the ventilator. I was uncertain. I didn’t think I was ready. I didn’t believe my lungs were strong enough. I began to panic and focus on every breath I labored to take.

They timed me, sadistically increasing the time spent off my precious source of air. Until there came a time when I no longer needed anything to assist…

Nonfiction Series

Part Six: Covering All Bases

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I’m the baby of five. I haven’t seen one of my sisters and my only brother in years. Mona is my oldest sister from another mother, and Nina is my older sister from another father. Nina and I grew up together in the same household. While we always knew Mona as our sister, we didn’t live with her. Both of these chicks became mother hens when I was in the hospital.

My oldest sister and I don’t communicate often, but I love her dearly. She is genuine and kind but tough. Mona had her own resurrection experience five years prior…

“Am I Doing This Right?” Modern Parent Contest

They were living unnerved, on edge and insecure, but now I’m doing this right

Masked Mom and Daughter. Robin L. Jessie-Green

Prior to the pandemic, I was already extremely cautious about my health. I had to be because the common cold could knock me on my backside. I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and had a double lung transplant at the end of 2019. By February of 2020, just before the pandemic hit hard in the U.S., I was released from a nearly year-long hospital stay and was able to return back home to my family. I was a different woman. A more fragile woman and in full overprotective mommy mode.

You see, my fears had amplified. I was…

Thanks for your comment! I agree, we often want what we don't have. Unfortunately, sometimes we want those things when we feel what we have isn't good enough, attractive enough or of value. As for my entry into the "Am I Doing This Right?" Contest-- it has already been submitted!

Nonfiction Series

Part Five: A Little Ugly

Prednisone induced rash and acne. Robin L. Jessie-Green

They called Gayle between two and four in the morning about some complication I was having or some procedure they needed to do to remediate it. She had to wake up, be alert to listen, decide and consent on my behalf. Prior to my autoimmune disease diagnosis, they called her from Dermatology because I had a rash on my forehead that they wanted to biopsy. She was listening and thinking and asked if it would help diagnose me?

After cursing them out for trying to use me for a guinea pig, she protected me from having a horrible scar on…


Don’t be like me, increase your savings and get some private disability insurance.

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Did you know there would be a pandemic that would halt the world? Did you know that rapper DMX and Prince Philip would die on the same day? Did you know that a complete stranger would be compelled to implore you to protect yourself from the unknown? No, right? There’s a lot that we don’t know beforehand. However, there are some things we can prepare for, just in case. I wish I had been warned.

Financial experts recommend you save 6–8 months worth of income to cover your expenses if you lose your job. That’s typically taking only unemployment into…

Nonfiction Series

Part Four: What About the Kids?

Siblings Robin L. Jessie-Green

I couldn’t be “Mom” when I was in the hospital. The worst part for my kids was seeing me in a coma, bloody and bloated. Five different lives suffering the potential permanent loss of their mother. Five different minds in a tailspin, personalities altered, moods shifted, saddened, stressed, and anxiety-filled. None of those feelings are fair in childhood.

Visiting me in the hospital was challenging for the kids. They loathed being treated like babies, but they were still mommy’s babies. They weren’t there to do arts and crafts like the staff suggested. They wanted to see me, but they were…

Robin Jessie-Green

Blogger, Content Contributor on Vocal, Experts123 and various other sites spanning a decade. Survivor with stories to tell. Temple U BA, AIU Online MBA Alumna.

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